While You Were Fighting — A Thor Mockumentary

source:   youtube.com

added: Sun, Aug 28th '16

Have you wondered why Thor didn't participate in that silly war between Captain America and Iron Man? Well, here's the answer!

To promote the upcoming home-video release of "Captain America: Civil War," Marvel has unveiled a hilarious new short film that shows exactly what the God of Thunder was doing when Tony Stark and Steve Rogers was duking it out. Apparently, Thor never got an invitation from either party. But that's okay because it gave him a chance to hang out in Australia ... with Darryl ... and Bruce Banner!

release date   "Civil War" will be out on Digital HD September 2 and on Blu-Ray/DVD September 13. Meanwhile, "Thor: Ragnarok" is currently in production, and is slated to open in November of 2017.

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