Trainspotting 2 — Promo Teaser: 'Production Announcement'


added: Mon, May 16th '16

Sony Pictures has announced that production has started on director Danny Boyle's next film project: the long-awaited sequel to his 1996 drug-addiction classic "Trainspotting."

Starting today, Monday, May 16th, cameras have begun rolling on "Trainspotting 2" and Sony has marked the occasion by releasing this new 45-second promo teaser that features footage from the original movie.

Slated to open theatrically in the U.K. on January 27, 2017, "T2" will be directed by Boyle from a screenplay by "Trainspotting" scribe John Hodge. It will also feature the four original cast members, Ewan McGregor (as Renton), Jonny Lee Miller (as Sick Boy), Ewen Bremner (as Spud), and Robert Carlyle (as Begbie).

While details are being kept under wraps, the movie is supposedly based on "Trainspotting" author Irvine Welsh's 2002 book sequel "Porno," which picks up decades later and finds Renton and Sick Boy venturing into the pornography business.

Update: It was just announced that "Trainspotting 2" will be released in the U.S. in select theaters on February 3, 2017, with a wider release on February 10.

Ten years on from Trainspotting, Simon 'Sick Boy' Williamson is back in Edinburgh after a long spell in London. Having failed spectacularly as a hustler, pimp, husband, father and businessman, Sick Boy taps into an opportunity, which to him represents one last throw of the dice. However, to realize his dream of directing and producing a pornographic movie, Sick Boy must team up with old pal and fellow exile Mark Renton and a motley crew that includes the city's favorite ex-aerated-water-salesman, 'Juice' Terry Lawson. In the world of Porno, however, nothing is straightforward, as Sick Boy and Renton find out that they have unresolved issues to address, concerning the increasingly unhinged Frank Begbie, the troubled, drug-addled Spud, but, most of all, with each other. (-- Summary from Irvine Welsh's book 'PORNO')


directed by   Danny Boyle

starring   Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller, Robert Carlyle

release date   January 27, 2017 (UK)

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