Hulu's The Path: Season 1 — Full-Length Trailer


added: Thu, Feb 18th '16

Emmy-winning actor Aaron Paul has signed on to his first drama series since the completion of "Breaking Bad" with Hulu's new psychological thriller "The Path," in which he stars alongside True Detective's Michelle Monaghan as a husband-and-wife team struggling to make their marriage work while staying active members of a New Age cult.

The streaming company has unveiled a new full-length trailer for the highly ambitious series, which sees Paul as Eddie Cleary, a family man deeply conflicted about his wife's lifelong devotion to a neo-hippie commune-slash-doomsday cult, known as "The Path," which is led by an enigmatic spiritual leader, played by NBC's "Hannibal" star Hugh Dancy.

Rockmond Dunbar (Sons of Anarchy, Prison Break) also stars in the 10-episode series as a local detective who has put Dancy's character and his followers on "cult watch."

Created by "Parenthood" writer-producer Jessica Goldberg and executive produced by "Parenthood" creator and "Friday Night Lights" producer Jason Katims, the series will start with its first two episodes directed by acclaimed filmmaker Mike Cahill (Another Earth, I Origins).

Hulu, which has made a significant push into the streaming content game with this week's release of the Stephen King-based, time-travel miniseries "11.22.63," is planning to premiere "The Path" next month, on Wednesday, March 30th.

To Belong You Must Believe: We all want to believe in something, but to what lengths will we go to find meaning? The Path explores the unknown and mysterious world of the cult-like Meyerist Movement in upstate New York. At the center of the movement lies Eddie (Aaron Paul), a conflicted husband; Sarah (Michelle Monaghan), his devoted wife; and Cal (Hugh Dancy), an ambitious leader. We follow each as they contend with deep issues involving relationships, faith, and power. The series takes an in-depth look at the gravitational pull of belief and what it means to choose between the life we live and the life we want.


directed by   Mike Cahill (pilot episode)

starring   Aaron Paul, Michelle Monaghan, Hugh Dancy, Rockmond Dunbar, Sarah Jones, Kathleen Turner, Minka Kelly, Kyle Allen, Amy Forsyth, Clark Middleton

release date   March 30, 2016 (on Hulu)

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