Ghostbusters — 20-Second Teaser: 'Who You Gonna Call?'


added: Sun, Feb 14th '16

According to "Ghostbusters II," the world is ending on February 14, 2016. "Valentine's Day ... Bummer." But even though the world may be ending today, the beloved supernatural comedy franchise is only now getting its second wind.

Check out the newly-released 20-second teaser for the upcoming all-female "Ghostbusters" reboot, starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. Unfortunately, the preview doesn't show much footage -- we only see swarms of police and military officers as they chaotically block off New York's downtown just before the iconic "Ghostbusters" logo flashes on the screen.

The clip, rather, serves as an early announcement of next month's release of the film's official full-length trailer, which is set to premiere on Thursday, March 3rd. The teaser also came out while McCarthy was finishing her hosting stint on "Saturday Night Live," which, of course, just happened to occur on Valentine's Weekend.

Directed by Paul Feig (Spy, Bridesmaids), the "Ghostbusters" Reboot will be arriving in theaters this summer, July 15th.

Thirty years after the original film took the world by storm, Ghostbusters is back and fully rebooted for a new generation. Director Paul Feig combines all the paranormal fighting elements that made the original franchise so beloved with a cast of new characters, played by the funniest actors working today. Get ready to watch them save the world this summer!


directed by   Paul Feig

starring   Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones

release date   July 15, 2016

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