FX's Baskets — New 'First-Look' Featurette

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When comedian Louis C.K. first asked fellow comic Zach Galifianakis to do a comedy series together, they came up with the idea of a cranky 46-year-old underachiever who flunks out of clown college in Paris, only to move back to Bakersfield where he takes a job at a local rodeo.

"I knew I wanted to play someone bitter and angry. And we kind of thought bitter rodeo clown sounded about right," Galifianakis says in this newly-released 'first look' featurette for his new series "Baskets," which is set to premiere Thursday, January 21, on the FX Network.

Described as a "slapstick drama" by "Portlandia" co-creator/director Jonathan Krisel, who serves as an executive producer along with C.K. and Galifianakis, "Baskets" also stars stand-up comedienne Martha Kelly as a soft-spoken insurance agent who befriends Galifianakis' sad-clown character. Meanwhile, Galifianakis will act opposite himself as he also plays his goody-two-shoes twin brother in the series.

And if you think that the new show is highfalutin humor. Well, Krisel, who is also directing several episodes, wants you to know that it is not: "We're not trying to be crafty and really smart about the comedy. The comedy is very dumb. But the emotions are very real."

Chip Baskets (Zach Galifianakis) wants to follow his dream of being a French clown -- however, reality keeps interfering. Saddled with financial difficulties and facing an impenetrable language barrier, he moves back home to Bakersfield with high hopes. There he is forced to confront his past while working as a rodeo clown and competing with his siblings for his mother's approval and affection.


directed by   Jonathan Krisel

starring   Zach Galifianakis, Martha Kelly, Sabina Sciubba, Ernest Adams

release date   January 21, 2016 (on FX)

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