Syfy's The Expanse: Season 1 — Featurette: 'The Story'


added: Sun, Jul 12th '15

Ever since "Battlestar Galactica" went off the air, Syfy has been looking for a suitable replacement. Something with plenty of richly detailed characters and human driven conflict, though set in the future and space. Well, from the looks of things, "The Expanse" just might be it.

Here's a new preview for the upcoming 10-episode sci-fi series, starring Thomas Jane, Steven Strait and Shohreh Aghdashloo and features appearances by Chad L. Coleman (The Walking Dead), Jared Harris (Mad Men) and Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad).

"The Expanse" is based on a popular book series by sci-fi authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, who work under the collective name of "James S.A. Corey." The story is set 200 years in the future. Mankind has colonized a good portion of the solar system. Political friction on Earth starts to heat up as human colonies in space suffer from a societal division. In the center of things is a hard-boiled detective (Jane) investigating a case of a missing girl. The truth of her disappearance will expose a shocking conspiracy that could redefine humanity as we know it.

"The Expanse" will premiere in December.

A thriller set two hundred years in the future, The Expanse follows the case of a missing young woman who brings a hardened detective (Thomas Jane) and a rogue ship's captain together in a race across the solar system to expose the greatest conspiracy in human history.


directed by   Terry McDonough

starring   Thomas Jane, Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Jonathan Banks, Dominique Tipper, Cas Anvar, Wes Chatham, Florence Falvre, Paulo Costanzo, Jay Hernandez

release date   December 2015 (on SyFy)

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