No Way Jose — Trailer


added: Mon, May 11th '15

Adam Goldberg is facing something of a midlife crisis in the new trailer for the indie comedy "No Way Jose," in which he plays a struggling musician who gets dumped by his fiancee (The Help's Ahna O'Reilly) and is then forced to move into the kid-friendly home of his married best friend.

Goldberg, who's coming off a successful stint on FX's acclaimed crime series based on the Coen brother's film "Fargo," also co-wrote and directed "No Way Jose," his first directing effort since 2003's "I Love Your Work."

Also starring Gillian Jacobs, Emily Osment, Pat Healy, and Eric Siegel, "No Way Jose" will be made available on DVD and Digital HD on July 7th.

In this "coming of middle age" story, Adam Goldberg stars as "Jose" Stern, a struggling musician on the verge of turning 40 and at a crossroads in his relationship. When his fiancée discovers a dark secret, she kicks him out and his world collapses. With no other options, Jose is forced to stay at the chaotic home of a friend who’s married with children and also falling apart at the seams. As Jose becomes more desperate with nowhere to turn, he seeks advice from his burnt-out friends, his dysfunctional family and an alcoholic ex-girlfriend, all in an effort to find himself, his music and perhaps the love of his life.


directed by   Adam Goldberg

starring   Adam Goldberg, Ahna O'Reilly, Gillian Jacobs, Emily Osment, Pat Healy, and Eric Siegel

release date   July 7, 2015 (on DVD and Digital HD)

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