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added: Tue, Jan 20th '15

Die-hard fans of HBO's "Game of Thrones" are undoubtedly counting the days until the new season premieres in April. And while three months may feel like a long wait, here's something that should be a welcome surprise for even the novice GoT viewer. It's the trailer for the upcoming "Game of Thrones" IMAX event, which marks the first time in history that a television show will be presented in the giant-size format.

For one week only (starting on January 29th through February 5th), fans will be able to experience the last two episodes of Game's 4th Season in 200 IMAX theaters across the country. The special screening will also include the first ever trailer for the forthcoming 5th season. Which we've been given a little taste in this new above preview as it ends with a frustratingly quick snippet of Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) from the new season, which is due to premiere on Sunday, April 12th.

Episode nine, "The Watchers on the Wall," takes place entirely at The Wall with the Night's Watch hopelessly outnumbered as they attempt to defend Castle Black from the Wildings and features one the fiercest and most intense battle scenes ever filmed for television. Episode 10, the season finale entitled "The Children," features Dany coming to grips with the realities of ruling a kingdom, Bran learning the startling reality of his destiny and Tyrion facing the truth of his unfortunate situation. Game of Thrones is an epic series whose storylines of treachery and nobility, family and honor, ambition and love, and death and survival, have captured the imagination of fans globally and made it one of the most popular shows on television.

The IMAX release of Game of Thrones will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience with proprietary IMAX DMR (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images, coupled with IMAX's customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.


release date   January 29 - February 5, 2015 (in 200 IMAX theaters)

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