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added: Thu, Jul 3rd '14

HBO has released a trailer for "Love Child," the latest documentary from filmmaker Valerie Veatch (Me @ The Zoo), which explores the emergence of online gaming addiction.

The film examines the real-life story of a South Korean couple who, in 2010, would regularly leave their three-month-old daughter at home unattended to play a popular online game. Addicted to their virtual lives, the couple neglected their infant daughter to the point where the baby died from malnutrition. What's even more shocking, the parents were taking care of a virtual child in their internet fantasy game, while their real child was essentially dying from starvation.

The couple were arrested and eventually tried for manslaughter -- it was one of the first murder cases ever to involve videogame addiction.

"Love Child," which premiered at this year's Sundance, airs on HBO, Monday, July 28th.

"Love Child" documents the first tried case of Internet Addiction. A young couple in Seoul, Korea, were immersed in the virtual world raising a fairy child in an online fantasy game while their real life baby -- whose name means Love in Korean -- died. What follows set International precedent in a ruling in the first case where Internet Addiction caused a fatality. This eulogy locates our humanity in a world where virtual is the new reality.


directed by   Valerie Veatch

release date   July 28, 2014 (on HBO)

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