I'll Follow You Down — First 10 Minutes

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added: Mon, Jun 2nd '14

Here's the first ten minutes of "I'll Follow You Down," the time-travel-themed indie drama about a young physicist and his scientific quest to solve the decade-old mystery of his missing, wormhole-expert father. And while a grown-up Haley Joel Osment (of "The Sixth Sense") plays the young scientist, unfortunately, the former child actor doesn't appear in this opening clip as it generally sets up the father's mysterious disappearance (played by Dark City's Rufus Sewell), and the ensuing anxiety and panic from Osment's mother, played by "X-Files" star Gillian Anderson.

Written and directed by Richie Mehta, "I'll Follow You Down" opens in select theaters and iTunes this Friday, June 6th.

After the disappearance of an accomplished physicist (Rufus Sewell), his son Erol (Haley Joel Osment) and wife Marika (Gillian Anderson) struggle to cope. Years later, now a young scientist himself, Erol discovers a formula that could kill him, throw him into the unknown... or bring his family back together.


directed by   Richie Mehta

starring   Haley Joel Osment, Rufus Sewell, Gillian Anderson, Victor Garber, Susanna Fournier

release date   June 6, 2014 (in theaters and on iTunes/VOD)

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