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added: Tue, May 13th '14

Scarlett Johansson is giving new meaning to the phrase, "if looks could kill," in the brand-new international trailer for director Luc Besson's upcoming superhero-esque, action thriller "Lucy."

Here, Johansson plays the young titular woman who gets abducted by a Korean crime syndicate. And soon discovers she is to be used as a drug mule to transport a new experimental narcotic inside her stomach. But once the contents start leaking into her system the drugs start to give her extraordinary super powers, including increased mental abilities -- so much so that she can control the elements around her. Lucy now seeks revenge on her former captives, and finds help with a French policeman (Amr Waked) and a college Professor (Morgan Freeman), who might be able to help her control her new found talents.

"Lucy" is set to open on July 25th.

From La Femme Nikita and The Professional to The Fifth Element, writer/director Luc Besson has created some of the toughest, most memorable female action heroes in cinematic history. Now, Besson directs Scarlett Johansson in Lucy, an action-thriller that tracks a woman accidentally caught in a dark deal who turns the tables on her captors and transforms into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.


directed by   Luc Besson

starring   Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-sik, Amr Waked

release date   July 25, 2014

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