Louis C.K.'s Tomorrow Night — Film Clip

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added: Tue, Jan 28th '14

After having some success with selling 5-dollar downloads of his stand-up specials through his website, comedian Louis C.K. will be adding something a little different to that download list -- the first film he ever directed, a 1998 black-and-white shoestring comedy called "Tomorrow Night," which featured appearances by many of his now-famous comic friends, Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, J.B. Smoove, Robert Smigel, Wanda Sykes and Conan O'Brien.

The comic recently announced the news on the Tonight Show, but while appearing with David Letterman last night, he confirms the almost-forgotten film is scheduled to be released this week. He also unveiled this never-before-released clip that features J.B. Smoove as a touchy-feely mailman who is delivering mail to an oversensitive photo-shop owner (played by comic writer/TV producer Chuck Sklar).

Screened at Sundance back in 1998, the indie comedy about the unlikely relationship between an ice cream-obsessed New York shop owner (Sklar) and a lonely old woman (Martha Greenhouse) was never released publicly. 16 years later, however, it makes its public debut on Louis C.K.'s official website (www.louisck.net). Starting at noon on Wednesday, January 28th, you can purchase the film for 5 dollars.

Charles is the owner of a photo-shop. He is not too friendly and spends his evenings alone, and one day he finally decides to get a social life. He meets elderly Florence, who is tormented by her gambling husband Lester and longs for the son Willie she hasn't seen or heard of for 20 years. (via IMDB.com)


directed by   Louis C.K.

starring   Chuck Sklar, Martha Greenhouse, Steve Carell, Amy Poehler, J.B. Smoove, Robert Smigel, Wanda Sykes, Conan O'Brien, Louis C.K.

release date   January 28, 2014 (available on louisck.net)

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