BBC's Sherlock: Season 3 — Prequel Mini-Episode (Many Happy Returns)


added: Tue, Dec 24th '13

The new year will hopefully bring joy, peace and prosperity. But all John Watson (Martin Freeman) wants is his friend, Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), to come back from the dead. Well, my dear Watson! Your wish will be granted soon enough as the third season of the British hit detective series is slated to premiere in a couple of days: January 1st in the UK, and January 19th in the States.

Perhaps as a surprise Christmas gift to fans, show creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have released this 7-minute-long, prequel mini-episode, showing the days leading to Sherlock's inevitable return. It also drops hints on where the curly-haired sleuth may have been hiding out for all this time. Check it out, above.

Time has passed, the terror alert has been raised to critical, and Sherlock has returned to confront the one person who matters most.


starring   Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman

release date   January 19, 2014 (on PBS)

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