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With a flick of a paint-soaked brush, a few semi-circles of ink drippings, proceeded with "a blow like so" and voila! "Things happen," so says British cartoonist Ralph Steadman in the trailer for the new documentary "For No Good Reason," in which the renowned illustrator -- largely known for his collaboration with famed gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson -- shows off his incredibly unique and frenetic drawing style.

In the film, which reportedly took first-time filmmaker Charlie Paul 15 years to complete, Steadman opens up about his forty plus years in the business and recalls his one-of-a-kind relationship with the "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" writer -- a bond that might have been reinforced by mutual parts of insanity and artistry.

Featuring a slew of interviews with some of Steadman's high-profiled supporters and friends including Johnny Depp, director Terry Gilliam and Rolling Stone co-founder Jann Wenner, the film made its world premiere at last year's BFI London Film Festival, and is currently ending its Oscar-qualifying run in NY and LA, but will get an official theatrical Stateside release next spring.

Director Charlie Paul spent 15 years meticulously amassing the footage and creating the remarkable animations for the film to match the same anarchic energy, anger and free spirit of Steadman's pictures. It is riot of stories and images that literally blast out of the screen as we take a trip through the wild and dark days of Steadman's time and consignments with "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" writer Hunter S Thompson, the Rumble in the Jungle, gun fights with literary giant William S Burroughs and his fiercely heart-felt politics. Through Johnny Depp's lead in this intimate portrait, we are able to reach to the heart of what make this artist tick, his friendships and fallings out, his love for art and passion for civil liberties.


directed by   Charlie Paul

starring   Ralph Steadman, Johnny Depp, Terry Gilliam, Richard E. Grant, Jann Wenner

release date   Spring 2014

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