Philomena — Funny-or-Die Sketch (M vs. the MPAA)


added: Tue, Nov 12th '13

The upcoming drama "Philomena" tells the heartbreaking true story of an elderly Irish woman (played by Judi Dench) who, with the aid of a journalist (Steve Coogan), travels to America to search for her long-lost son. So, why was this seemingly heartfelt tearjerker recently slapped with a dreaded "R" rating by the MPAA? Well, apparently, the Stephen Frears-directed film has two F-bombs, whereas a movie rated PG-13 is only allowed one f-word -- no, really.

The Weinstein Company, the studio behind the award hopeful, is not taking it lightly. They have brought out the big guns: Dench, Coogan and Funny-or-Die. Check out this funny skit, which sees Dench reprising her no-nonsense James Bond character 'M" as she assigns a special task to ... 002 (Coogan). Better watch out MPAA -- and you too, Adam Sandler.

"Philomena" opens in NY and LA on Christmas Day, expanding to other cities on January 10th.

UPDATE: has reported Weinstein Company has won their ratings appeal, which means "Philomena" will, indeed, be rated 'PG-13' when it opens in theaters.

Philomena Lee was sent away to a convent to be looked after as a "fallen woman." Taken from her at the age of 3, her son was "sold" in America. Forced to vow she would never seek him, Philomena fought her vow and spent the next 50 years searching for her lost son. With the help of journalist, Martin Sixsmith, Philomena travels to America to find her lost son.


directed by   Stephen Frears

starring   Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, Simone Lahbib, Michelle Fairley, Anna Maxwell Martin, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Mare Winningham

release date   December 25, 2013 (NY, LA), January 10, 2013 (Expands)

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