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added: Mon, May 13th '13

In 2008, Ari Folman made an animated documentary (yes, 'animated' documentary) about the 1982 Lebanon War called "Waltz with Bashir." It debuted at Cannes, where it wowed audiences and critics alike, and kicked off a successful art-house run in the States (which ultimately ended with an Oscar-nomination for Best Foreign Film). It's five years later and the visionary filmmaker is back in France, once again at the famous festival. His follow-up feature, "The Congress," a live-action/cartoon hybrid starring Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel, and Danny Huston, has been scheduled for this Friday, in which it will open the Cannes' Director's Fortnight program.

The trailer for the film has been released, giving us the first peek at Folman's latest work, which seems to be equal parts cautionary tale and a satire of Hollywood's youthful obsession. Taking place in the near future, Robin Wright plays herself (in a "Being John Malkovich" sort of way) as an aging actress who's given a chance to sell her likeness to a movie studio -- it's a deal that will make her young forever. And so, her agreement to be scanned into a room-sized computer mainframe sends her into a wild and colorful world, where she embodies a brand-new animated avatar. She quickly learns, however, that exit doors do not exist in cartoon nirvana.

Based on Polish author Stanislaw Lem's sci-fi novel "The Futurological Congress," the movie also stars Paul Giamatti, Michael Stahl-David, and Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Robin Wright (as Robin Wright) receives an offer from Miramount to be scanned. In this way, her alias can be freely exploited in all films the Hollywood major decides to produce, even the most downmarket ones, the ones she has turned down until now. For 20 years she disappears to return as guest of honor at the Miramount-Nagasaki Convention in a transformed world of fantastical appearances.


directed by   Ari Folman

starring   Robin Wright, Harvey Keitel, Danny Huston, Paul Giamatti, Michael Stahl-David, Kodi Smit-McPhee

release date   Cannes 2013

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