Cleopatra — Blu-Ray Trailer (50th anniversary)


added: Tue, May 7th '13

It's the 50th anniversary of Joseph L. Mankiewicz's breathtaking spectacle "Cleopatra." So, how will Fox Home Entertainment be celebrating it? Blu-ray, of course! For the first-time ever, starting on May 28th, Fox will release a newly-restored version of the 1963 film on Blu-Ray. The big-budgeted epic told the story of Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor), a feisty Egyptian Queen, who needed to seduce the rigid Rome ruler Mark Antony (Richard Burton) in order to remain in power.

Despite being one of the most expensive films ever made, "Cleopatra" is probably most noted for the scandalous love affair that triggered on the set between Taylor and Burton, both of whom were married at the time. Although they would eventually wed, their murky romance would go down as one of the most tempestuous Hollywood love affairs ever.

According to recent reports, the restored version of the film will make its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 21st -- that's a week before it hit store's shelves. You can have a nice peek at the movie's lavish production by watching the Blu-Ray trailer, which has surfaced online. Watch it above.

The opulence and grandeur of this epic spectacle has never been more glorious, as it comes to Blu-ray for the very first time. Elizabeth Taylor stars as Cleopatra, the glamorous and cunning queen of Egypt. To secure her hold on power, she seduces the rulers of Rome, only to meet her match in Mark Antony, played by Richard Burton. Their passionate romance could decide the fate of the world’s greatest empires.


directed by   Joseph L. Mankiewicz

starring   Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Roddy McDowall, Hume Cronyn, Rex Harrison, Martin Landau

release date   May 28, 2013 (Blu-Ray)

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