Welcome To Pine Hill — Trailer

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added: Fri, Feb 15th '13

It might be whispered around Park City as the bastard offspring of Sundance. But the Slamdance Film Festival has had their fair share of indie breakouts too. One such example was writer-director Keith Miller's "Welcome To Pine Hill," an emotionally wrought urban drama that premiered last year. The documentary-style film, which told the gripping redemption story of an African-American insurance adjuster with a drug dealing past, who learns his sharp chest pains is caused by a life-threatening cancer, received Slamdance's Grand Jury Prize, and earned kudos for Shannon Harper, the non-professional actor who was cast as the leading role.

Since its debut, "Welcome To Pine Hill" has been running through the festival circuit. It's now been penciled for a theatrical release in New York, starting on March 1st. Oscilloscope Labs, the indie distributor that's handling the film, has dropped this new theatrical trailer. Take a look, above.

WELCOME TO PINE HILL is an extension of Miller's earlier short film PRINCE/WILLIAM about an unexpected encounter surrounding a lost dog. Blurring the line between documentary and fiction, PINE HILL follows that short's protagonist Shannon, a reformed drug dealer who is now an insurance claims adjuster, in the days following a grim medical diagnosis. Shannon, portrayed in an extraordinarily intimate performance by first time actor Shannon Harper, sets out to make peace with those around him and in turn find his own peace beyond the cacophony of New York City.


directed by   Keith Miller

starring   Shannon Harper

release date   March 1, 2013 (NY)

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