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added: Tue, Feb 12th '13

Okay, you're Journey -- that band from the 80s, who are mostly known for the rock anthem, "Don't Stop Believin," among others. For some bizarre reason, your songs are appearing on a ton of commercials and hit TV shows, like The Sopranos and Glee. This unexpected resurgence in pop culture makes it the ideal time for a new moneymaking tour. Oh, wait. There's a big problem though. Steve Perry, the voice behind all those great rock tunes, left the band a while back. So, how do you find a new lead singer that sounds almost exactly like your former frontman? It's simple: you search YouTube and click on a video featuring an unknown Filipino singer named Arnel Pineda. And the rest (as they say) is rock and roll!

You'll find the whole story of Pineda's extraordinary journey to rock stardom in the new documentary "Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey," in which filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz traces the band's initial decision to find a brand-new lead singer. The film, opening in theaters on March 8th and on VOD on March 9th, has received a theatrical trailer. Check it out, above.

Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey follows the real life rock-n-roll fairy tale story of Filipino Arnel Pineda, who was plucked from Youtube to become the front man for iconic American rock band, Journey, thereby becoming the latest performer to go from the Internet to real life celebrity. Having already overcome a life full of painful obstacles and now saddled with the immense pressures of leading a world renowned band and replacing a legendary singer, the film follows Arnel on this personal journey.


directed by   Ramona S. Diaz

starring   Arnel Pineda, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory, Deen Castronovo

release date   March 8, 2013 (In Theaters), March 9, 2013 (VOD)

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