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added: Fri, Feb 8th '13

Though it has been over 30 years, people are still having a fun time dissecting every inch of Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece "The Shining." The conversation about the 1980 film, which was Kubrick's version of the bestselling novel by Stephen King, has turned from innocent probing to intricate and thought-out interpretations. Some theories border on the sublime to the ridiculous. But is there something to the mystery? Does the film contain a hidden message? Is it locked somewhere inside those celluloid frames, waiting for someone brave enough to decode it?

Well, director Rodney Ascher is one such fearless soul who has ventured into uncharted waters by examining five fascinating theories from five Kubrick zealots in his critically-acclaimed documentary "Room 237." After premiering at last year's Sundance (which was followed by a successful festival run), Ascher's film was picked up by IFC Films. They are now planning to release it next month on March 29th. They also dropped this Kubrick-inspired trailer. And though it doesn't feature any footage from "The Shining," it more than makes up for it by displaying a vintage VCR machine getting drenched by a gushing river of blood. It's clearly an homage to one of the many iconic scenes from Kubrick's chiller. Watch it above.

After the box office failure of Barry Lyndon, Stanley Kubrick decided to embark on a project that might have more commercial appeal. The Shining, Stephen King’s biggest critical and commercial success yet, seemed like a perfect vehicle. After an arduous production, Kubrick’s film received a wide release in the summer of 1980 -- the reviews were mixed, but the box office, after a slow start, eventually picked up. End of story? Hardly. In the 30 years since the film’s release, a considerable cult of Shining devotees has emerged, fans who claim to have decoded the film’s secret messages addressing everything from the genocide of Native Americans to a range of government conspiracies. Rodney Ascher's wry and provocative Room 237 fuses fact and fiction through interviews with cultists and scholars, creating a kaleidoscopic deconstruction of Kubrick’s still-controversial classic.


directed by   Rodney Ascher

release date   March 29, 2013

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