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added: Thu, Feb 7th '13

Tyler Shields is a "celebrity" photographer, known for snapping photos of young Hollywood figures in provocative settings. For instance, he's that so-called "genius" behind last year's attention-grabbing photo shoot, which depicted blonde socialite Francesca Eastwood destroying and burning an alleged $100,000 Hermes Birkin Bag. The stunt ultimately erupted the internet, causing critics to angrily speak out about today's spoiled-rich culture.

Well, it seems Shields is bringing his aggravating artistry to films, creating himself what looks like a Bret Easton Ellis-esque thriller called "Final Girl." It stars a grown-up Abigail Breslin (Olive Hoover from Little Miss Sunshine) and a beardless Wes Bentley (Seneca Crane from The Hunger Games). The story revolves around a terrifying night in the woods, where a couple of rich frat boys conduct a twisted "initiation" involving a young girl (Breslin), who apparently turns out NOT to be so innocent. The film has received a trailer, in which Shields makes a quick introduction. Watch it, above.

A pack of teenage boys choose the wrong girl to be the victim of their "initiation". (via IMDB,com)


directed by   Tyler Shields

starring   Abigail Breslin, Wes Bentley, Alexander Ludwig, Logan Huffman, Brett London, Francesca Eastwood

release date   2013

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