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added: Mon, Feb 4th '13

In the same vein as those hard-hitting urban films from the 90s (Boyz n the Hood and Menace II Society), first-time director/producer/co-writer Jonathan Singer-Vine's upcoming inner-city drama "Licks" takes an unblinking look at the gritty crime-filled streets of Oakland, California. Featuring a cast of talented newcomers, the film stars Stanley 'Doe' Hunt as a young African-American man who, after doing time for robbery, returns to his old neighborhood for a fresh start, but finds his nefarious habits are hard to break. Selected to make its world premiere at this year's South by Southwest Film Festival (taking place on March 8-16), you can check out the film's newly-released trailer, posted above.

LICKS follows the story of a young man, D, as he returns to his Oakland neighborhood after two years served in prison for a robbery gone wrong. In the days after his release, we are taken into D’s world while he navigates the harsh realities that plague his inner city community. His judgment is tested by the insidious influences around him, forcing D to decide what direction to take his life.


directed by   Jonathan Singer-Vine

starring   Stanley 'Doe' Hunt, Koran Streets, John Stallings, Devon Libran, Tatiana Monet, Skipper Elekwachi, DJ Upgrade, Theresa Anderson-Downs

release date   SXSW Film Festival, 2013

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