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added: Sun, Feb 3rd '13

Can you imagine anything more gruesome than the Jeffrey Dahmer story? Probably not. His heinous murders of 17 people will never be fully fathomable. It is, however, fascinating to hear the gut-wrenching testimonies of not only a detective that worked the case, but an examiner whose job was to document the bodies found in his apartment and a neighbor who lived next door to the infamous serial killer / cannibal. It appears director Chris James Thompson has compiled a remarkable list of startling interviews for his eerie documentary "The Jeffrey Dahmer Files," which takes a look back at Dahmer's arrest in 1991 and examines the events that led to the horrifying discovery of dismembered body parts stored in his home.

The film, which also uses a mix bag of archival footage and reenactments, will open in NY and will be available on VOD starting on February 15th. In the meantime, you can check out the film's trailer (posted above). It's creepy as hell!

What drives a seemingly mundane man to commit a series of acts so heinous that it captured the attention of a horrified nation? In the summer of 1991 Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested in Milwaukee and sentenced to 957 years in prison for killing 17 people and dismembering their bodies. THE JEFFREY DAHMER FILES explores this Midwestern city by meeting those surrounding Dahmer during and after his hidden spree. Recollections from Milwaukee Medical Examiner Jeffrey Jentzen, Police Detective Patrick Kennedy, and neighbor Pamela Bass are interwoven with archival footage and everyday scenes from Dahmer's life, working collectively to disassemble the facade of an ordinary man leading an ordinary existence.


directed by   Chris James Thompson

release date   February 15, 2013 (NY and Video-On-Demand)

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