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added: Fri, Feb 1st '13

Could this be the latest cult hit to come out of this year's South By Southwest? Well, if the trailer is any indication, "Zero Charisma" -- an indie comedy starring newcomer Sam Eidson as a large arrogant fantasy role-playing gamer whose geeky life is shattered when an easy-going hipster joins his circle of gaming friends -- is destined to be a sure-fire winner when it premieres at the Austin-based film festival in March.

Though the comedy was written and directed by newbies Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham, this is not exactly the first time these two were on a film production. Matthews (an editor) and Graham (a cinematographer) both worked with director Michael Paul Stephenson on his acclaimed documentaries "Best Worst Movie" and "The American Scream." In fact, "Zero Charisma" is the first non-documentary project to come out of Magic Stone Productions, the indie producing company founded by Stephenson and his wife Lindsay (who both are serving as executive producers on "Zero").

After receiving donations to get their project off the ground from IndieGoGo (the crowdfunding website), the filmmakers are back asking for help. If you would like to donate for the film's final stages of production, go ahead and jump over to their official fundraising page, on

Metal-loving gamer geek Scott Weidemeyer may not have much power in the real world: he lives under the thumb of his ornery grandmother and works a lousy job at a local donut shop. But every Tuesday night, he is the all-powerful Game Master, guiding his role-players through a tabletop journey of fantasy and adventure. All this is threatened, however, when neo-nerd hipster Miles joins his game. Miles is handsome, charming, and can name every alien race on Star Trek in alphabetical order. Suddenly, Scott is not the most respected person at his own game table, and his increasing insecurity starts to alienate him from his friends. To make matters worse, the health of his grandmother begins to falter, and his estranged mother visits town, reminding Scott of a childhood he'd just as soon forget. Caught in a downward spiral of rage and delusion, Scott may be forced to take drastic steps to reclaim his honor, and his identity as the Game Master.


directed by   Andrew Matthews, Katie Graham

starring   Sam Eidson, Brock England, Garrett Graham, Anne Gee Byrd

release date   SXSW Film Festival, 2013

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