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added: Mon, Jan 28th '13

Want a Bourne Identity-type thriller with a Korean twist? Well, look no further than the espionage action-thriller "The Berlin File," which centers on three gun-toting Korean operatives who get entangled in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game after an illegal arms deal in Berlin gets botched. It's the latest effort from acclaimed South Korean filmmaker RYOO Seung-wan, who's known for his luscious visual style (The City of Violence, Arahan) as well as his bleak humanistic dramas (Crying Fist, Die Bad). With "Berlin File," it seems the director has aimed his sights outside the Asian market, setting most of the film in Germany and having some of the actor's dialogue in English. Take a look at the film's official subtitled trailer (above), which has surfaced online.

Starring HA Jung-woo, RYOO Seung-bum, HAN Suk-kyu and Gianna JUN, the film will be arriving in the States next month -- in a limited theatrical run starting on February 15th. Details about theater locations can be found on the film's official website,

A tense illegal arms deal in a Berlin hotel suddenly descends into mayhem after a "ghost" agent named Jong-seong (HA Jung-woo) appears on the scene. Secretly watching the deal go down is embattled South Korean intelligence chief Jin-soo (HAN Suk-Kyu), the North Koreans and the US CIA, who are all left trying to decode whether the ghost is a double-agent or taking the fall for a more insidious plot. Myung-soo (RYOO Seung-bum) a young but notorious North Korean agent jumps into these treacherous waters to investigate loyalties of all involved and begins to implicate Jong-seong’s wife, Jung-hee (Gianna JUN), a translator at the North Korean embassy in the German capital. Caught between his love of country and his wife, Jong-Seong must quickly prepare to make the ultimate sacrifice in this thrilling tale of political intrigue.


directed by   RYOO Seung-wan

starring   HA Jung-woo, RYOO Seung-bum, HAN Suk-kyu, Gianna JUN

release date   February 15, 2103 (Limited, USA)

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