As Luck Would Have It — Trailer


added: Fri, Dec 28th '12

Good news for American fans of Spanish filmmaker Alex de la Iglesia (The Last Circus, The Perfect Crime): His latest oddball comedy "As Luck Would Have It" will be coming to the States next month in theaters and VOD starting on January 30th, courtesy of IFC Films. The studio released the movie's English-subtitled trailer featuring Spanish comedian Jose Mota as a down-on-his-luck advertising executive who becomes the center of a nationwide media frenzy when he accidentally falls on a construction site at a Roman amphitheater and gets his head impaled on a steel rod. Ouch!

Salma Hayek also makes an appearance in the preview (though she's strangely wordless). Here, the Mexican actress co-stars as the adoring wife of the unfortunate ad man, and becomes horrified when realizing the mob of news reporters are more concerned about sensationalizing the story than helping her husband. An interesting tidbit about the movie: the screenplay was originally penned in English by Hollywood screenwriter/producer Randy Feldman (Tango and Cash, Metro). He also received an executive-producer credit.

Roberto (famed Spanish comic Jose Mota) once had a promising careers in advertising. But now out of work during the economic downturn, he struggles to keep his family afloat and their dire situation a secret from his adoring wife Luisa (Salma Hayek). After yet another dead end interview, it seems like reality will come crashing down on Roberto -- until a freak car accident places him at the center of a wild media storm. Realizing his opportunity, Roberto hires a brazen agent to help him leverage his new found fame into fortune, but Luisa begins to worry about what lengths Roberto will go to for his family's security.


directed by   Alex de la Iglesia

starring   Jose Mota, Salma Hayek, Blanca Portillo, Juan Luis Galiardo

release date   January 30, 2013 (In Theaters, VOD)

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