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added: Wed, Dec 26th '12

"Small Apartments" -- one of the weirdest comedies to premiere at this year's South by Southwest film festival -- has received a delightfully odd trailer featuring British comedian Matt Lucas (Little Britain) as Franklin Franklin, a wig-wearing weirdo that's on a bizarre mission to dispose his sleazy landlord's body (Peter Stormare), after he unexpectedly drops dead on his kitchen floor. Things get even weirder, when Billy Crystal shows up as a Columbo-esque homicide detective who starts sniffing around Franklin's apartment, questioning his crackpot neighbors (Johnny Knoxville, James Caan, and Rebel Wilson).

The dark comedy, based on the book by Chris Millis (who also wrote the screenplay), was directed by Jonas Akerlund, the acclaimed music video director who also helmed the cult drug, comedy "Spun." The film will debut on DVD and Video-On-Demand starting on February 19th.

Franklin Franklin plays the alphorn and dreams of Switzerland. His crazy brother sends him fingernail clippings in the mail. One of his neighbors is a forgetful pot-head, the other a gruff busybody who doesn't miss anything. Across the street live a mother and her fifteen-year-old daughter, whom he likes to watch from his window, but none of these are Franklin's real problem. His real problem is that his landlord is dead, laid out on the linoleum of his kitchen, and Switzerland seems farther away all the time.


directed by   Jonas Akerlund

starring   Matt Lucas, Billy Crystal, Johnny Knoxville, James Caan, Juno Temple, Peter Stormare, Dolph Lundgren, Rosie Perez. Rebel Wilson

release date   February 19, 2013 (DVD / VOD)

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