Derek — Extended Trailer (First Look)


added: Mon, Dec 24th '12

Ricky Gervais has released this extended first-look preview for his latest comedy series "Derek," which is coming to the States exclusively on Netflix Streaming. The off-kilter show, featuring the acting debut of Gervais' real-life friend/podcast collaborator Karl Pilkington (who has earned a cult following of his own since starring in the reality series "An Idiot Abroad"), follows the misadventures of a simpleton named Derek (Gervais) who spends most of his time working in a joyless nursing home.

So far, the plan is to have the series debut first in the UK on Channel 4, followed by a US release on Netflix starting sometime in the spring.

A bittersweet one-off comedy drama about a group of outsiders living on society's margins. Written, directed by and starring Ricky Gervais.


directed by   Ricky Gervais

starring   Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington, David Earl, Kerry Godliman

release date   Spring 2013 (Netflix)

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