Zaytoun — UK Trailer


added: Thu, Dec 20th '12

Stephen Dorff has come a long way from his days as vampire baddie Deacon Frost in 1998's comic book movie Blade. Now a bit older, he's quietly entering a new phase in his film career, and it looks like he's proving to be one capable actor. Especially in his latest film "Zaytoun," in which Dorff is earning kudos for his portrayal of Yoni, a shot-down Israeli fighter pilot who escapes his captors with the help of an unlikely source -- A young Palestinian boy (Abdallah El Akal) who's hoping to get across the border to plant an olive tree as a remembrance of his slain father.

The foreign drama, from Israeli-born director Eran Riklis (The Syrian Bride, Lemon Tree), premiered in September at TIFF and was commended for its heartfelt depiction of peace between enemies. El Akal, who plays the 12-year-old Fahed, was also noted for his breakthrough performance. So far, the movie is only set to open theatrically in the UK, on December 26th.

Yoni, an Israeli pilot, crash-lands in war-torn Beirut in the run-up to Israel’s ill-fated invasion of the country in 1982. He is captured by a group of fighters from the Palestine Liberation Organization, one of whom is Fahed, a young orphan and refugee, who longs to return to his family’s home. Yoni and Fahed soon find themselves on the run from rival militias as their unlikeliest of friendships begins to take root in the most extreme of circumstances.


directed by   Eran Riklis

starring   Stephen Dorff, Abdallah El Akal, Ali Suliman

release date   December 26, 2012 (UK)

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