Boxing Day — Trailer


added: Wed, Dec 19th '12

British director Bernard Rose is probably best known for his 90's horror hit "Candyman" or Gary Oldman's Beethoven biopic "Immortal Beloved." But it appears the under-the-radar helmer has spent the last decade filling his filmography with small, digitally-shot dramas -- particularly ones that starred Danny Huston (Ivansxtc and The Kreutzer Sonata). With his latest outing "Boxing Day," the iconoclastic filmmaker continues his lo-fi tradition working again with Huston in a story that's based on Leo Tolstoy's novella "Master and Man."

The trailer has surfaced and it offers us a look at this modern-day retelling, in which Huston plays an uptight, wealthy landowner who gets stuck in frozen snow of the Rocky mountains with an extremely chatty chauffeur on the day after Christmas (traditionally known in England as Boxing Day). Acting as the loose-lipped driver is Matthew Jacobs, a British screenwriter (1994's Lassie, 1996's Doctor Who) who has worked with Rose since his 1988's cult fantasy flick, Paperhouse. The movie opens in the UK this Friday, December 21st.

A businessman named BASIL and his chauffeur, NICK, drive in to the heart of the Rocky mountains in the midst of perilous weather conditions. When the journey becomes potentially fatal, Basil must decide whether he's prepared to sacrifice his own life for the life of another.


directed by   Bernard Rose

starring   Danny Huston, Matthew Jacobs

release date   December 21, 2012 (UK)

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