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Since debuting in Cannes this year, the Spanish-language Chilean docudrama "NO," starring Gael Garcia Bernal as an advertising executive who becomes an important player in the termination of the country's dictatorship, has earned a great amount of critical praise and awards. It's even this year's Oscar entry for Best Foreign Picture from Chile. And from the looks of this just-released trailer, we can see why the fact-based movie has received so much buzz.

With a retro videotape look, the story is set in 1988 during the last days of the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet's regime. Due to mounting pressure from the world, Chile was forced to schedule a nationwide vote on the future of Pinochet's leadership. Vote YES for keeping it, or vote NO to end his reign. Opposition leaders brought in an innovative adman (Gael Garcia Bernal) believing the best way to sell democracy to the people (who are likely terrified to speak out) is by promoting a grassroots NO campaign. However, they will need to come up with one awesome commercial to get the ball rolling.

Directed by Pablo Larrain and written by Pedro Peirano, "NO" will hit theaters in NY and LA on February 15th, via Sony Classics.

In 1988, Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet, due to international pressure, is forced to call a plebiscite on his presidency. The country will vote YES or NO to Pinochet extending his rule for another eight years. Opposition leaders for the NO persuade a brash young advertising executive, Rene Saavedra (Gael Garcia Bernal), to spearhead their campaign. Against all odds, with scant resources and under scrutiny by the despot's minions, Saavedra and his team devise an audacious plan to win the election and set Chile free.


directed by   Pablo Larrain

starring   Gael Garcia Bernal, Alfredo Castro, Antonia Zegers, Luis Gnecco, Marcial Tagle, Nastor Cantillana, Jaime Vadell, Pascal Montero

release date   February 15, 2013 (NY, LA)

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