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added: Fri, Dec 14th '12

Emile Hirsch has never been one to be predictable. But it's still a little surprising to see him acting opposite Penelope Cruz in Sergio Castellitto's "Twice Born," a melodramatic love story about an American photojournalist (Hirsch) who falls in love with an Italian woman (Cruz) while covering the Bosnian war.

The movie, told mostly in a series of flashbacks, premiered a few months ago at the Toronto Film Festival, and, quite frankly, reviews weren't too kind about the mismatch pairing of Hirsch and Cruz. But despite the lackluster reports, the movie's just-released international trailer looks quite compelling. In the first couple of seconds, Hirsch is heard saying, "the weirdest love stories are always the best ones." In that case, we hope he's right.

Set against the Balkan Wars that tore apart the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Twice Born stars Penelope Cruz as Gemma, a woman with a past of considerable complexity. Summoned to Sarajevo by a phone call from an old friend, she catches a plane with her teenaged son to visit an exhibition of photographs taken by an ex-lover. This return to Bosnia triggers a flood of memories as Gemma remembers the passionate times she spent with Diego (Emile Hirsch), a young and exuberant American photographer, just before the Winter Olympics in 1984. Theirs was a magical love, perfect in every respect, until her desire for a child steered their relationship in an unexpected direction. When civil war breaks out, their personal life becomes inextricably intertwined with the horrors that surround them. As Gemma squires her son around present-day Sarajevo, the past continually intrudes, upsetting the delicate equilibrium that has allowed her to forget and move on with her life.


directed by   Sergio Castellitto

starring   Penelope Cruz, Emile Hirsch, Adnan Haskovic, Saadet Aksoy, Pietro Castellitto, Luca De Filippo, Jane Birkin, Sergio Castellitto

release date   2013

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