Downloaded — Trailer


added: Sat, Dec 8th '12

Remember Napster? Or better yet, remember those days when you were willing to sit down in front of your computer for hours just to download Radiohead's Creep for free. Well, Alex Winter is one such person who remembered that time quite fondly -- especially since he just finished directing "Downloaded," a VH-1 produced documentary that chronicles the rise and fall of the infamous peer-to-peer file sharing company. Winter -- who has carved himself a decent TV directing career since starring as Bill S. Preston, Esquire in the popular "Bill & Ted" movies -- was kind enough to release the movie's first trailer on, what else, the internet. Check it out, above.

The movie, featuring interviews with Napster founder Shawn Fanning and co-founder Sean Parker, will air sometime next year on VH1, as part of their Rock Docs series.

A VH1 Documentary about the Downloading generation, and the global impact of peer-to-peer filesharing. The bands, the internet mavericks, the future, the debate.


directed by   Alex Winter

starring   Shawn Fanning, Sean Parker

release date   2011 (VH-1's Rock Docs series)

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