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added: Fri, Dec 7th '12

Aussie actress Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch) has a great ability to convey genuine toughness. But even her toughness has a sympathetic side, which is highlighted in this compelling trailer for her new indie drama, "The Girl."

Here, Cornish plays a financially-strapped young woman who desperately needs money to help win back the custody of her son, so she starts dabbling in the shady business of sneaking immigrants into America. The process is simple. She waits in her station wagon, picks up a party of Mexicans, and drives them over the Texas border during nighttime. Easy peasy, until a strange thing occurs: one of her passengers is an orphaned Mexican girl with no place to go. Now, she is forced to make one very hard decision -- either dump the kid on a street corner or act as the child's temporary guardian.

Written and directed by David Riker (La Ciudad), "The Girl" will open on December 14th for a special one-week engagement (awards-qualifying run). It will then officially open theatrically in March.

Struggling with the loss of her child to Social Services, a single mother is trapped in the quicksand of her south Texas life, unwilling to accept the consequences of her actions. When her path collides with a young child from Mexico, she begins a journey that will change her life -- teaching her that she is the architect of her own fate and learning what it is that truly defines home.


directed by   David Riker

starring   Abbie Cornish, Will Patton, Maritza Santiago

release date   December 14, 2012 (One-week engagement , awards-qualifying run), March 2013 (In Theaters)

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