Not Fade Away — Film Clip (Bo Diddley)


added: Thu, Dec 6th '12

Forming a rock-and-roll band can be difficult. But in this film clip from David Chase's 1960s-set drama "Not Fade Away," which follows a group of childhood friends as they aim for rock stardom, assembling a band and starting an impromptu jam session looks like a piece of cake. Let's see, first you'll need to get a couple of buddies over your house, start a groovy drum beat, then slowly add a heavy two-chord riff. And oh yeah, you will need to duplicate the funky spirit of Mister Bo Diddley. Simple. Everything should fall into place after that.

Interesting note: the actors in this clip -- John Magaro (drums), Jack Huston (vocals, guitar), Will Brill (guitar) and that other guy on bass -- all couldn't play a lick of music before production started. Guess who taught these boys to play and look like rock stars? Yup, it was Chase's loyal Sopranos' alum, Steven Van Zandt, who also served as the film's musical supervisor and executive producer.

"Not Fade Away" opens theatrically on December 21st.

It's 1964. The Rolling Stones appear on television, and three best friends from the suburbs of New Jersey decide to form a rock band.


directed by   David Chase

starring   John Magaro, Will Brill, Jack Huston, James Gandolfini, Bella Heathcote, Brad Garrett, Christopher McDonald

release date   December 21, 2012

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