The Liability — Trailer


added: Mon, Dec 3rd '12

If you followed Tim Roth's movie career, you'll know the London-born actor is particularly awesome at playing bad guys. Especially ones that require him to point handguns and bark orders, while still making the audience root for him. In this trailer for the new British crime thriller "The Liability," Roth does just that, and more. Watch Roth as a cheeky hitman that foolishly takes his bumbling stepson on a seemingly simple assignment. Things go awry, when the two men start to dispose a dead body in the woods and discover they're not alone.

The movie, directed by Craig Viveiros, opened in the UK earlier in the year, but will be hitting the States on January 29th on DVD.

After wrecking his stepfather's car, Adam, in need of a job to pay him back, starts working as a driver for a hitman, Roy. His first day on the job takes him into a world of murder and revenge, as he is prevalent to Roy's hits. Intrigued and wanting to take part of the action Adam suddenly realizes what started as a hit could end with a bang as he becomes Roy's next target.


directed by   Craig Viveiros

starring   Tim Roth, Jack O'Connell, Talulah Riley, Peter Mullan

release date   January 29, 2013 (DVD)

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