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added: Mon, Dec 3rd '12

Ever wonder what makes the youth generation tick? Yeah, neither do we. So, it's kinda funny that after watching this trailer for the new documentary "Only the Young," we've found ourselves strangely curious about these mopey teens who appear to float aimlessly around their boring suburban community where the only thing that's remotely exciting is a dinosaur-themed park. And despite our tendency to wag our fists angrily at the youth culture, we're charmed by directors Elizabeth Mims and Jason Tippet's breezy exploration of today's teenage wasteland. Skateboards; Punk-style haircuts; Teen love jealousy. Is this a John Hughes movie from '80s, or one of Gus Van Sant's coming-of-age dramas? Well, it feels and looks like a mixture of both.

"Only the Young" opens this Friday in New York and Los Angeles on January 4th.

ONLY THE YOUNG follows the story of three teenagers that live in a small desert town in Southern California -- a town dominated by foreclosed homes and underpasses, unfilled swimming pools and skate parks. These kids must find things to do in a place that offers nothing -- yet in the course of observing their day-to-day lives, we see them discover friendship, first love, heartbreak, and what it means to be young. Tippet and Mims' delicate, ethereal filmmaking and ONLY THE YOUNG's innocent yet rebellious subjects collectively embody the very essence of adolescence.


directed by   Jason Tippet, Elizabeth Mims

starring   Garrison Saenz, Kevin Conway, Skye Elmore

release date   December 7, 2012 (NY), January 4, 2013 (LA)

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