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added: Mon, Nov 26th '12

Surely, it didn't take long for English actress Charlotte Rampling to agree to star in writer-director Barnaby Southcombe's feature film debut, "I, Anna." After all, she is the filmmaker's real-life mother, and it would probably make an uncomfortable forthcoming Christmas if she rejected the role. Fortunately for Southcombe, and the sake of future family gatherings, Rampling agreed to offer what is seemingly a riveting portrayal of a mysterious middle-aged divorcee who romantically links up with a homicide detective (played by Gabriel Byrne). However, when a puzzling murder investigation slowly unfolds, the detective starts to question the real identity of Rampling's character, and maybe even his own sanity.

This psychological thriller, which also stars Hayley Atwell and Eddie Marsan, is apparently based on a noir novel by Elsa Lewin. And it looks like newly-minted director Southcombe filled his debut with plenty of moody atmosphere and style. Color us intrigued. "I, Anna" will open next week in the UK; no word if this one is coming to the States.

A must for all who love noirish thrillers, Barnaby Southcombe's directorial debut features a stellar cast, headed by Charlotte Rampling and Gabriel Byrne. Rampling plays the titular character, who may hold the key to a murder investigation being conducted by Byrne's insomniac detective, for she was at the apartment of the victim on the night of his death. Anna's perspective on the crime makes us doubt the truth of what we see, which makes for a compelling psychological mystery.


directed by   Barnaby Southcombe

starring   Charlotte Rampling, Gabriel Byrne, Hayley Atwell, Eddie Marsan

release date   December 7, 2012 (UK)

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