The Host 2 — Promo Clip (VFX Breakdowns)


added: Wed, Nov 21st '12

That flip-flopping river monster from Korea is back! And he's feistier than ever.

Watch an early look at The Host 2," the much-awaited sequel to Bong Joon-ho's 2006 monster hit. It's actually a visual effects clip (courtesy of TwitchFilm), revealing the breakdowns of an action-packed sequence, which features the fish behemoth in the throes of traffic mayhem. After destroying a few cars and ripping a small caravan in half, the creature aims his attention to a pair of screaming kids. What unfolds is a terrifying slow-motion shot, which is reminiscent of a similar scene from the original. It's some exciting stuff, to say the least!

"The Host 2" is currently in production, and an official release date has not been set.

directed by   Park Myeong-chan

release date   In Production

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