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added: Tue, Nov 20th '12

So, what's next for Jean Dujardin -- aka that charismatic Frenchman who snagged a Best Actor Oscar for "The Artist"? Well, it's something that you might not expect, unless you figure tap dancing is the perfect segue to bank laundering.

Check out the teaser trailer for "Mobius," the French-produced thriller starring Dujardin as an international spy who gets caught in a dicey investigation involving bank fraud and, for some reason, the mathematical property of a strip of paper. Confused? We are too, and it looks like Dujardin shares in our bewilderment. But hot dang, this one got our eyebrows perked up with excitement. Throw in Tim Roth as a dirty businessman and Cecile De France as an unlikely undercover agent / Dujardin's love interest, and you got us hopping around like one of George Valentin's dance numbers.

Written and directed by Eric Rochant, "Mobius" will be released in France in February. It doesn't have a US release date, but our best non-professional guess is that it will probably hit a few festivals before any US distributors make a move.

Gregory Lyubov (Jean Dujardin) is an intelligence officer who's sent to Monaco to investigate the actions of a powerful businessman (Tim Roth). As part of the mission, his team recruits Alice (Cecile De France), a gifted finance / bank trader who will be working as an undercover agent. But when Gregory starts getting romantically involve with Alice, the investigation slips into a downfall of betrayal and deceit.


directed by   Eric Rochant

starring   Jean Dujardin, Tim Roth, Cecile De France

release date   February 27, 2013 (France)

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