Doc of the Dead — Promo Trailer


added: Mon, Nov 19th '12

If you take a step back, you'll see that zombies have drenched today's pop culture like one of Tom Savini's blood-packet squibs. And after conquering comic books, movies and television, this seemingly unstoppable phenomenon is aiming for world domination by infecting society with zombie-themed city walks and shocking reports of drug-induced, zombie-like attacks. That's why filmmaker Alexandre O. Philippe (the guy behind the disgruntled Star Wars documentary "The People vs. George Lucas") has turned his attention at today's flesh-eating craze for his new film called, "Doc of the Dead."

And while it's still in the stages of production, you can check out this promotional trailer for the movie, which features some pretty cool interviews with zombie grandfather George A. Romero, undead addict Simon Pegg, and genre aficionado Alex Cox. For only a couple more days, the movie will be on the Kickstarter website, looking for donations to help with self-distribution. It seems pledgers will receive a digital download when the film is finished. So, if you like what you see, go ahead and surf over to their Kickstarter page!

Shot and edited in a cinematically edgy, high-octane style, DOC OF THE DEAD will host a rich pop culture dialogue with zombie experts and celebrities, seek participation from YouTubers and indie filmmakers, and even explore the possibility and ramifications of an actual zombie outbreak.


directed by   Alexandre O. Philippe

starring   George A. Romero, Simon Pegg, Alex Cox

release date   In Production

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