Buffalo Girls — Trailer

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added: Wed, Nov 14th '12

Guess how many children boxers are in Thailand? If your answer was 30,000 kids, you got it right. However, if your response was more like "what the hell, Thai children boxers ... quickly show me!" Well, here you go: take a gander at this fascinating trailer for the new documentary "Buffalo Girls," in which director Todd Kellstein dives into the lives of two 8 year-old girl fighters -- yes, girl fighters!

It seems the country's devastating poverty issue has forced Thai families to look for brand-new ways of bringing in money. Which means some fathers allow their daughters to train and fight for cash prizes. But it also means if they don't win their boxing matches they don't make any money too. So, there's the rub.

"Buffalo Girls" opens in New York this week, starting today on November 14th.

In the US eight-year-old girls compete in beauty pageants. In Thailand, they compete in Muay Thai fights. BUFFALO GIRLS is the wrenching, sometimes heartbreaking story of two eight-year-old Thai girls seeking their country's national Muay Thai championship and a cash prize that could change their families' lives forever.


directed by   Todd Kellstein

release date   November 14, 2012 (NY)

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