The Joy of Six — Trailer


added: Mon, Nov 12th '12

Here's an exciting trailer for "The Joy of Six," a new feature-length compilation of six acclaimed short British films. And it features a batch of top talents, including our favorite acting Scotsman, Peter Mullan, and James Bond's boss, Dame Judi Dench. The filmmakers behind these shorts represent some of today's emerging shakers in the British cinema industry. This includes "Atonement" actress Romola Sadie Garai who makes her directorial debut with the psychological thriller, "Scrubber." Her well-received movie is joined by an assorted bag that contains Douglas Hart's angry-father drama, "Long Distance Information"; Matthew Holness' retro crime satire, "A Gun for George"; Will Jewell's paranoia thriller, "Man In Fear"; Chris Foggin's Facebook-themed dramedy, "Friend Request Pending" and Dan Sully's dark fast-food comedy, "The Ellington Kid." The movie is currently playing in theaters in the UK, and will continue to do so for the rest of the month.

NBCQ presents a perfect package of award-winning short films, showcasing the best of British screen and directing talent. This may be the only time you get to encounter Dame Judi Dench on Facebook, as a woman attempting to woo her local choirmaster through social media, see Peter Mullan give a screen masterclass on how to smoke a cigarette (without the ash falling), or watch the rather handsome Luke Treadaway, run ... a lot.


directed by   Douglas Hart, Will Jewell, Dan Sully, Romola Garai, Chris Foggin, Matthew Holness

starring   Judi Dench, Peter Mullan, Luke Treadaway, Tom Hiddleston

release date   November 9, 2012 (UK)

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