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Is Danny Way a professional skateboarder or daredevil stuntman? Most fans would likely say that he's both. From jumping out of helicopters to his jaw-dropping attempt to hop China's Great Wall on a skateboard, Danny Way and his extreme skateboarding stunts are covered in the Jacob Rosenberg-directed documentary, "Waiting for Lightning." In the just-released trailer, we see the film will also examine Way's troubled, sometimes abusive, childhood. It seems growing up in a broken home, and losing a father early on, drove the legendary skateboarder toward a dangerous, yet thrilling, lifestyle. And we must say, his life does appear to make a compelling subject for a doc.

Featuring interviews with Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman, Travis Patrana, and Rob Dyrdek, "Waiting for Lightning" opens in select theaters, and will be available for digital download starting on December 7th.

Waiting for Lightning is a feature length documentary film about skateboarding legend Danny Way.Directed by Jacob Rosenberg, Waiting for Lightning delves into Danny's life story and the progression of the sport that he is a part of.


directed by   Jacob Rosenberg

starring   Danny Way, Tony Hawk, Mat Hoffman, Travis Patrana, Rob Dyrdek

release date   December 7, 2012 (In Theaters, Digital Downloads)

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