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added: Fri, Oct 19th '12

Here's a cool trailer for "Hecho en Mexico" (Made in Mexico), a documentary that explores the rich cultural life of -- you guessed it -- Mexico! This film, apparently, took about two years for London-born producer/musician Duncan Bridgeman (1 Giant Leap) to shoot and complete. His purpose was to look beyond the unflattering headlines, and see first-hand what life was really like in Mexico.

Writing about the making of his film, Bridgeman wrote a piece on the Huffington Post. This is what he said about why he took on such ambitious project:

"I really believed that the PR of Mexico was much worse than the reality. I was right. There is madness there but most of the 110m Mexicans are just getting on with their day, dealing with the crisis of lost love or worrying about their mum or trying to earn a living, or writing a song with a visiting musician. These were the people I was going to meet. And we would create something beautiful together, I knew that..."

Featuring a litany of prominent Mexican entertainers -- including actor Diego Luna, Cafe Tacvba's Ruben Albarran, mariachi singer Alejandro Fernandez, indie singer-songwriter Carla Morrison, techno-rock band Kinky and TV/Radio host Don Cheto -- the film will be coming to theaters in the Los Angeles area, starting November 30th.

From Diego Luna and Alejandro Fernandez, to Carla Morrison and Chavela Vargas, Duncan Bridgeman weaves a cinematic tapestry composed of original songs and insights from the most iconic artists and performers of contemporary Mexico. With striking visuals, the movie captures the rich diversity of Mexican geography, art, music, and culture. It is a rare look at the country's real identity, and an unparalleled celebration of what it truly means to be "Hecho en Mexico."


directed by   Duncan Bridgeman

starring   Diego Luna, Ruben Albarran, Alejandro Fernandez, Carla Morrison, Kinky, Don Cheto

release date   November 30, 2012 (LA)

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