Toys in the Attic — Trailer


added: Wed, Aug 15th '12

If you ever wondered what a disturbingly spooky version of "Toy Story" would look like? Well, maybe you should check out this US trailer for "Toys in the Attic," a wildly bizarre stop-motion feature from Czech-born animator/director Jiri Barta and American-born writer/director Vivian Schilling. The film, which has recently been dubbed by a English-speaking cast that includes Joan Cusack, Cary Elwes, and Forest Whitaker, follows a batch of abandoned toys as they attempt to rescue a captured friend who's been locked in the attic by a villainous creature. The independently produced film is slated to hit select theaters on September 7th.

When the lovely Buttercup is kidnapped by the Head of State, it is up to her friends, a teddy bear, a mechanical mouse and a marionette puppet to attempt a daring rescue across the attic.


directed by   Jiri Barta, Vivian Schilling

starring   Joan Cusack, Cary Elwes, Forest Whitaker, Vivian Schilling

release date   September 7, 2012 (Select Theaters)

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