City on a Hill: Season 1 — New Official Trailer


added: Mon, May 6th '19

This summer, Kevin Bacon will be returning to television. And he's going to be fighting fire with fire as he takes on Boston's broken criminal justice system, circa 1992.

Check out the new official trailer for Showtime's upcoming crime series "City on a Hill," in which Bacon stars alongside "Straight Outta Compton" actor Aldis Hodge as an unlikely Boston crime-fighting duo trying to tear down the city's system of corruption.

Revolving around the unlikely partnership between a not-so-honest, drug-addled, FBI veteran (played by Bacon) and a young career-driven, morally upright assistant district attorney (played by Hodge) as they work together to solve a recent series of armed robberies, the Showtime series is loosely inspired by the "Boston Miracle," a real-life police operation that tighten laws against gun trafficking and gang violence.

Executive produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and also Emmy-winning producer Tom Fontana (Homicide: Life on the Street, OZ), the cop drama is based on an original idea by Affleck and series creator Chuck MacLean.

Co-starring Jonathan Tucker, Mark O'Brien, and Jill Hennessy, "City on a Hill: Season 1" is slated to premiere Sunday, June 16th on Showtime.

In the early 1990s, Boston was rife with violent criminals emboldened by local law enforcement agencies in which corruption and racism was the norm -- and then it all changed in what was called the "Boston Miracle."

In this fictional account, assistant district attorney Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge) comes from Brooklyn and forms an unlikely alliance with a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran, Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon).

Together, they take on a family of armored car robbers in a case that grows to involve, and ultimately subvert, the entire criminal justice system of Boston.


directed by   Michael Cuesta (pilot episode)

starring   Kevin Bacon, Aldis Hodge, Jonathan Tucker, Mark O'Brien, Jill Hennessy, Cathy Moriarty, Rory Culkin, Amanda Clayton, Jere Shea, Kevin Chapman, Kevin Dunn, Lauren E. Banks, Sophia Anne Caruso, James Michael Cummings

release date   June 16, 2019 (on Showtime)

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