Peel — Official Trailer


added: Tue, Apr 30th '19

Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild) plays a socially awkward young man whose life takes a dramatic turn when his overly-protective mother suddenly passes away in the official trailer for the quirky coming-of-age film "Peel."

Directed by Rafael Monserrate (The Dissection of Thanksgiving), the film also stars Amy Brenneman (HBO's The Leftovers), Jack Kesy (TNT's Claws), Shiloh Fernandez (2013's Evil Dead), Jacob Vargas (Luke Cage), Garrett Clayton (Hairspray Live!), and Troy Hall (The Dissection of Thanksgiving).

When his mother unexpectedly dies and leaves him with bills to pay, Peel (Hirsch), an arrested development man-child, must take control of his own life and rent out a couple of rooms in his house. With the encouragement of his new oddball roommates (played by Kesy and Vargas), Peel sets off on a road trip to reconnect with his long-lost brothers (Fernandez and Hall).

"Peel" is getting a digital release on May 7th. Watch the trailer, above.

A quirky coming-of-age story about "Peel" (Emile Hirsch) whose child-like innocence and lack of cynicism has a healing quality on all the damaged characters he meets on his journey to rebuild his broken family.


directed by   Rafael Monserrate

starring   Emile Hirsch, Amy Brenneman, Jack Kesy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jacob Vargas, Garrett Clayton, Yaya DaCosta, Angelina Joo, Hana Hwang

release date   May 7, 2019 (on Digital)

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