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added: Mon, Apr 29th '19

To rid himself of his violent behavior, a young man is put through a strange self-healing process designed to clear the mind and purify the soul in this mind-bending sci-fi thriller, for which an official trailer has been released.

From executive producer Steven Soderbergh and featuring an original score by experimental music producer/rapper Flying Lotus, "Perfect" is a trippy, head-scratching science-fiction yarn about a mysterious genetic-engineering health clinic where emotionally-troubled teenagers are sent there to better themselves through the use of cutting-edge technology and hallucinatory meds.

The film stars Garrett Wareing (from the series "Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists" and the ID4 sequel "Independence Day: Resurgence") as an unnamed young man suffering from homicidal urges.

After a horrible incident with his girlfriend, he is quickly sent to a high-end self-help clinic under the instructions of his socialite mother (played here by Abbie Cornish, from "Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan" and "Sucker Punch"). The boy soon goes through a mind-altering journey, only to discover that in order to reach perfection he will have to give up his soul.

"Perfect" is the feature debut of filmmaker Eddie Alcazar, a music video/commercial helmer and video game developer who previously directed experimental music videos for Flying Lotus.

Co-starring Courtney Eaton (Mad Max: Fury Road), Tao Okamoto (The Man in the High Castle), and Maurice Compte (Narcos), "Perfect" is opening theatrically in New York on May 17th and then in Los Angeles May 24th.

The film will also be released June 21st, exclusively on-demand through, a blockchain-powered entertainment DApp and a peer-to-peer distribution platform.

Produced and scored by Flying Lotus and executive produced by Steven Soderbergh, PERFECT introduces Garrett Wareing as an emotionally-troubled young man. His mother (Abbie Cornish) sends him to a clinic, where modernist serenity whispers soothing promises of perfection. By planting plug-and-play characteristics directly into his own body, he is relieved of his dark, twisted visions, but his body pays the price for purity of mind. (A festival favorite from writer and director Eddie Alcazar - one of Filmmaker's 25 to Watch.)


directed by   Eddie Alcazar

starring   Garrett Wareing, Courtney Eaton, Tao Okamoto, Maurice Compte, Abbie Cornish, Martin Sensmeier, Sarah McDaniel, Chris Santos, Leonardo Nam, Regan 'Busdriver' Farquhar

release date   May 17, '19 (in NY), May 24, '19 (in LA), June 21, '19 (exclusively on, VOD)

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