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added: Mon, Apr 22nd '19

While featuring the last on-screen performance of the late, great card magician-turned-actor Ricky Jay, "Sneaky Pete: Season 3," Amazon's acclaimed con-man crime series that stars Giovanni Ribisi, is set to return next month, and the streaming company has just released an official trailer.

Co-created and co-executive produced by Emmy-winning actor Bryan Cranston and "House" creator David Shore, "Sneaky Pete" follows the exploits of an ex-con artist named Marius Josipovic (played by Ribisi) who, after being released from prison, tries to run from his past by assuming the identity of his former cellmate, Pete. He soon charms his way into the lives of Pete's estranged parents (played by acclaimed character actors Peter Gerety and Margo Martindale), who happen to be in the bail bond business.

Season 3 will find "Sneaky Pete" being lured back into the con game as he accepts a job from a big-time grifter (played by the now-late Ricky Jay).

"I'm offering you a job and all you have to do is con a con-man," says Jay in the above trailer. To which Ribisi answers, "Fine."

Also, starring Marin Ireland (Homeland) and Libe Barer (Parenthood), with appearances by Efrat Dor (The Zookeeper's Wife) and comedian Jeff Ross, "Sneaky Pete: Season 3" debuts May 10th on Amazon Prime Video.

Who is Marius Josipovic?

Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) himself would like to know. He's feeling a pull toward the Bernhardt family (Peter Gerety and Margo Martindale). But he's not part of the family. He's a con-man. The chance to become more like a normal human being is enticing. It also scares him to death. This season all the members of the sneaky pete family explore their identity. It's a dangerous journey. They could lose themselves or their lives.


directed by   Jon Avnet (various episodes)

starring   Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Peter Gerety, Margo Martindale, Libe Barer, Efrat Dor, Shane McRae, Jeff Ross, Ricky Jay

release date   May 10, 2019 (on Amazon Prime)

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